2020 has been a very different year for all of us. This time last year no-one could have anticipated how things have gone, and how our lives would change. We’ve been fortunate to be able to keep on running throughout, but obviously not as in previous years. With no events either at home or overseas, we’ve had to be more creative to stay active. No organised races – and therefore no aid stations – has meant that we’ve had to be self-sufficient on long runs; with no physios or massage we’ve had to take more care of ourselves; and with no events as targets we’ve had to discover new goals.

This year’s Christmas gift list reflects some of the adaptations we’ve had to make.

Christmas Gifts

  1. Evadict unisex trail running hydration running vest : This was definitely our Purchase of the Year, enabling us to be self-sufficient on longer runs. This running vest is light and extremely comfortable, and has space to carry all you need on the run.
  2. Collapsible bottle from Inov8 : the 250ml bottle fits very neatly into the running vest above and enable you to carry liquids without sloshing around.
  3. Sports wristband :  useful for carrying cards, keys and other small items.
  4. Short Runs in Beautiful Places : this book gives some ideas for where you can run when events are in short supply.
  5. Runthrough events gift voucher : Runthrough are one of the first companies to start back with Covid-secure races at all distances from 1 mile to marathon. We thoroughly recommend their events.
  6. Strava or GPX print map : P.Home can convert any run you record into an attractive mounted map – maybe you ran a PB, your longest run ever, or just a run you loved and want to remember.
  7. Gritin elastic exercise bands for the online strength and core classes we should all be doing.
  8. Phoenix Fitness exercise dice make the home gym more interesting
  9. Theragun : a slightly more extravagant present, but extremely useful when it’s hard to get to a physio or for a massage.
  10. Ecobath Epsom salt soak or Elemis Musclease Herbal Bath Synergy would both be very welcome after a hard run.
  11. Oh What Fun It Is To Run!: whatever else is going on, you still need a Christmas jumper! We like this one.
Hope you find something you like here!

You can still visit our previous years’ lists for 2018 and 2019.