It’s that time of year again and you are wondering what to buy the runner in your life for Christmas…Well you don’t have to look too far from the traditional yuletide presents to find something perfect. Have a look at our list below, these are some of our favourite things!

Gift List!

  1. Tree Decoration – Running shoe from Paperchase
  2. Socks – Danish Endurance (a cheap but good quality alternative to expensive running socks)
  3. Sweets – Caffeine Bullets (Minty chews that pack a punch)
  4. Designer underwear – Runderwear  (comfortable, well fitting, wicking underwear for both men and women)
  5. Luxury Food Item – Maurten Gels (Treat your runner to the Fuel of Champions – either original formula or new caffeine plus)
  6. Body Lotion – We like Roques O’Neil Therapy Comfort warming Rub
  7. Computer Game/Phone App – My Fitness Pal (Smart phone app to help you fuel your runs)
  8. Book –Endure  :  Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance by Alex Hutchinson
  9. Music – Apple AirPods Pro (Sweat and water resistant blue tooth headphones for exercise)
  10. Box set/Video – Brittany Runs a Marathon Amazon Prime
  11. Christmas jumper – Christmas themed running kit from Tikiboo or Cafe Press
  12. Slippers – OOfos Sliders post-race recovery shoes for men and women
  13. Something smellie – XL Eco Sports shoe deodorisers
  14. Something sparkly – Hokeki front and back body lights
  15. Jewellery – Oura smart ring (If you really want to spoil someone this ring will give you a wide range of physiological information and will help you get better sleep)
  16. Bath products – WestLab Himalyan salts for a reaxing post-run bath. Other bath/shower products also available from them.
  17. Skin Cream – Leaping Fish Runners Rub – will solve all your Chafing problems
  18. Something to keep you cool – Gearlifee Instant cooling towel for those warm runs
  19. Something to keep you warm – Little Hotties Hand Warmers for those cold days
  20. The little plastic gadget you’re not sure about – BootBuddy  We highly recommend this one – will keep your running shoes looking like new.

If you didn’t catch our 2018 list it’s still available here to view.