Hi everyone, this is a message from some running friends of ours. They are wanting to hear your running stories in order to create an illustrated book about your experiences. The profits from the sales of the book will go to an amazing charity that supports young homeless people with running and fitness initiatives. You could be part of this.

We’ve met so many people on our travels and we know that you all have your stories to tell. Maybe during lockdown you have had a bit more time to reflect on what it is about running that is important to you or which of the events you have missed running the most. Or maybe you have spent time reminiscing about experiences you’ve had in the past or what you are looking forward to in the future. Jerry and Andrew are interested in hearing from you whatever your story.

Please read their message and consider making a contribution. Thank you.

Running Stories

We are putting together an illustrated book that tells the story of why people run. It will feature up to 100 individual stories covering the huge diversity of reasons and experiences. We are looking for people to send us their stories. Please consider this an invitation! All profits will be given to Charity.


We would really like to hear from runners of all ages, genders, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, and speeds. No one is too slow, or too fast. No one runs too little, or too much. Fun runner or marathoner – we want to hear from you all.


What should you write? Anything special to you associated with running. This might be why you run, about the first time you ran, achieving a specific target, people you run with, a place, race or event that is special to you – or a hundred other things that stand out in some way. Proud successes and heroic failures, we love them equally.


Your story can be as short as you like and up to 1000 words. That is from a paragraph up to about 3 pages. We cannot promise to use every submission, but if your story is selected, we will be in touch.


Please send your story as soon as possible – and a photo if you can – to Jerry at Lockspeiserj@hotmail.com by June 29 latest.


The book will also have a section on the things new runners most need to know. Please tell us what you wish you had been told when you started running. No holds barred on this one! Whether you are submitting a story or not, please email us those by Monday June 29 too


Last but not least, we are delighted to give 100% of the profit from sales to The Running Charity a brilliant team who deliver running and fitness programmes to homeless young people.

Please pass the baton by sharing this email with other runners so we can hear their stories too.

Thank you for reading


Jerry Lockspeiser | Entrepreneur and writer | Long distance club runner


Andrew Roberts | Graphics and video | Middle distance club runner