So many marathon race t-shirts and yet so few that we actually wear. We still find it hard to part with those that we don’t though!. The ones that we do wear are based mainly on fit and colour rather than anything to do with the race. Again there was a surprising degree of agreement between us.¬† Here are our top 5 favourites – as usual in no particular order.

It just so happens that our favourite race also gave us one of our favourite t-shirts. This was Comrades 2014 – the fabric is light and the fit good. Cam’s first Comrades and the year I won my age group!

This long sleeved t-shirt from the Big Cottonwood Canyon marathon has proved to be really useful. The race was in September and with the winter months following it has been worn a lot by both of us. One good feature of the Revel races is that you get to choose long sleeve, t-shirt or vest!

Again this Chicago t-shirt is popular with both of us because of the fit and soft light  fabric. The only problem with the bright yellow colour is it is also attractive in the summer to some insects!

Love the colour of this one and the iconic New York skyline used in the design.

The Toronto t-shirt was again chosen by both of us because of fit and colour. We like the simple design and light fabric.