Tunnel Vision Marathon, Seattle


Point to point, trail


This is a downhill course in spectacular scenery. It starts with a one mile tunnel which can be a bit airless and disorientating. The course crosses a number of wooden bridges over ravines – those who suffer from vertigo should just look straight ahead! The surface is often uneven underfoot.


No expo – number pick up outside of a Nike store in a shopping mall.

Start Line / Aid Stations

Buses up to start line means early start. Good toilet facilities and water available at start. Aid stations frequent and well stocked. Gatoraid, water, gels and fruit. Helpful additional bag drop at end of tunnel for headtorch and any additional clothing from the start.

Medal/Tshirt/Goody Bag

Good quality medal, tech t-shirt. Hot food at finish.


Accommodation is a problem in the North Bend area. There is very little and what is there is not good quality. We stayed at the Edgwick Inn. They did let us return to shower after the race.


Again restaurants in short supply. We would recommend bringing your own food or staying in Seattle and travelling into the area early morning. Lack of a decent mean the evening before the race was not good.


We travelled to this marathon in the hope of getting a fast time for a Boston Qualifier and it has to be said that many people did. We did not, however, find this a particularly fast course. Maybe jet lag played a part but certainly the trail nature of the course didn’t help, neither did the temperature – it was very warm on the day. Poor air quality from nearby wildfires might also have been a factor and poor pre-race fueling.  Overall though a race we are very happy to have completed and certainly something different.