We might not be able to run Richmond parkrun together at the moment but we’re certainly not going to miss out on our post-run coffee!

Here are some images of our Pembroke Athletica running group who still ‘meet up’ on Saturday mornings for coffee and an in depth discussion of our running week. (Only part of that last sentence is true).

We miss you all so much and naturally we are looking forward to the first post-lockdown parkrun. Getting together on Saturdays really helps during these difficult times, as do the other various virtual activities such as quiz night and our active WhatsApp group. Can’t wait for our 26.2 challenge on London Marathon Sunday. We’re pleased that someone knows what’s happening there!

Thank you all for being there and once again a special thank you to PA’s representative on the frontline – Dr Julie Forsyth. Your hard work allows the rest of us to have hope for meeting up again in the not too distant future. x