New York City Marathon

Good luck to everyone running New York this weekend! We would love to be there running again. Last year it was one of the highlights of the year as we ran round the 5 boroughs celebrating our 100th marathon together and Guinness world record for most marathons run by a parent and child. Though we live in London, New York is one of our favourite cities. If like us you are from out of town we have a few tips for you this weekend.

1. Be sure to make it up to Central Park for a pre-marathon shake out and to meet other runners from all over the world.

2. If you like what you see at the expo, treat yourself – although there are finishers t-shirts on sale after the race the choice is limited. For an extra special gift take a look at the Tiffany silver medallion.

3. At the start be sure to get your free Dunkin’ Donuts hat – ok so you’re being used for advertising but it’s pretty iconic and all part of the fun (if you don’t get one at the start there are plenty to be had on the bridge just after).

4. One of toughest points on the course is around mile 16 when runners make the ‘climb’ over the Queensboro bridge – don’t lose heart – just look forward to the amazing reception you will receive when you enter Manhattan.

5. Join the locals wearing your medal with pride on Monday – we loved seeing all the New Yorkers heading off in the morning in their work clothes with their medals on display.

Finally, have a fantastic time – you are lucky and brave enough to be running the New York City marathon. Enjoy every minute!