It’s our Birthday

It’s exactly a year today that we first posted on our website. It has been an amazing year –  exceeding all our expectations.  Our running has taken us to South Africa, the USA, Canada, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands and Denmark as well as many parts of the UK. Cam has run PB’s at all distances from 5K to ultra-marathon and qualified for Boston in the process. Jacquie has obtained age-graded PB’s at all distances averaging at 83% and winning many age-category prizes. We’ve also done lots of pacing and met up with friends, old and new.

We have really enjoyed documenting our trips and writing about all things running that have caught our interest along the way. A number of people have helped us to do this. We’d like to thank, in particular David, for getting us started, Martin for on-going support and most of all our ‘blog manager’ Calum who has been a very patient technical guru and surprisingly unflappable when we regularly manage to ‘disappear’ bits of the site.

One of the most surprising stats that WordPress have come up with about our site is that, during this first year, our blog has been read in 84 different countries. We are pretty overwhelmed by that. Wherever you are in the world we would like to thank you. We hope that you have enjoyed reading our posts. We would love to hear from you and for you tell us something about your running – why you run?, where you run?, perhaps about your favourite race and especially if there is a race that you really think we should try. Comrades started and ends our year – it’s time for us to make plans for the next one!

  As it is our anniversary and also a Tuesday we thought that we would celebrate the day with a series of Top 5’s reviewing our first year of blogging. Here we go…

Top 5 Countries with most readers

Our Top 5 personal favourite places with readers

Top 5 most popular posts

Our Top 5 favourite posts

Our Top 5 Favourite Photos (This was a hard one!)

Thanks again to everyone who has taken time to visit the site!