For this week’s Top Five, we have chosen our favourite Marathon supporters’ signs. Supporters are such an important part of so many marathons, and we’re often grateful for the thoughtfulness and entertainment value of their contributions. There are so many messages to choose from, but these are some that we have liked best.

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This sign was displayed at the London Marathon in 2013 a week after the bombing at the Boston Marathon. It’s based on a quote from Martin Luther King at a college rally in the USA. The original quote was: “If you can’t fly then run; if you can’t run then walk; if you can’t walk then crawl; but whatever you do keep moving forward”. At London it simply said “Run if you can. Walk if you must. But finish for Boston.” What better inspiration could there be to finish a marathon?

We first saw this sign at the Chicago Marathon. We think back to it most marathons when heads drop and runners start walking. One of us will say “Worst parade ever!” – it brings a smile to our faces and we’re soon back on track.

Though not strictly a supporter’s sign, still a motivational message on a marathon route – half-way through the Comrades Marathon, in fact. Arthur’s Seat is literally a hole cut out of the bank, reputedly a resting spot for Comrades legend and five times winner the late Arthur Newton. The story has it that if you pick a flower and place it on the seat with the greeting “Good morning Arthur” it will ensure you a good second half of the run. On race day you can’t see the seat for flowers!

This sign was from the 2015 New York City marathon, when Donald Trump was an outside candidate for the Republican nomination. We all thought it was a joke and it cheered us up! Little did we know …

What a wonderful sentiment! Seen at the Valencia marathon in 2018. (Thank you Jain Reid for the photo.)