If you are like me, you are always looking to read more about running – whether it be the latest research into training methods, information about new products or more general articles about runners and events. Since starting to write this blog I have noticed that there are certain websites that I return to again and again for information. I thought it might be of interest to share them with you.

The Science of Sport : Ross Tucker (South African) and Jonathan Dugas (based in Chicago) are two sports scientists who write about many, often controversial, topics connected with all sports. Their posts take the form of news items, coaching tips and articles attempting to make the science behind performance accessible. One stated aim is to bridge the gap between science and commerce when considering performance. Articles have included topics such as doping, Caster Semenya and testosterone in women, and what they refer to as the “dehydration myth”. Both runners themselves, they also write frequent articles about running physiology and event analysis. Some articles that I have recently found of particular interest are on Kipchoge’s sub 2 marathon attempt, and running in the heat and cold.


Sweat Science : This column is written by Alex Hutchinson, a journalist based in Toronto, who writes about the science of endurance, fitness and health. As with Science of Sport, one of his aims is to make the science behind the research more accessible to non-scientific runners. In his own words “I’m interested in figuring out what works and what doesn’t, what we know and what we don’t, and how we tell the difference”. He uses peer-reviewed literature as the basis of his articles. His column has existed in various forms for the past 10 years, and has previously appeared in Runner’s World, but is now part of “Outside”, an online magazine. One recent article tackles the discussion about whether too much aerobic exercise is bad for your heart. Hutchinson is also the author of a book “Endure : Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance”, which I have enjoyed reading and plan to write about at a later date.


Runners connect : Started by Jeff Gaudette in 2011, Runners Connect is an organisation offering training plans, team coaching and one to one coaching for runners of all distances. The team now consists of seven coaches, a nutritionist , a doctor and writers. Alongside the paid coaching, the site offers free training schedules, blog articles and a podcast on all aspects of running. In the coaching section they suggest that a 12 week training plan can improve times by 4%. I particularly like the fact that they have a whole section dedicated to Masters runners as it is often difficult to access information for older athletes.


Fellrnr : Jonathan Savage was once overweight and inactive – a debilitating skin condition put off taking exercise as a child. A health scare led him to reassess his life and he is now a (mainly) ultramarathon runner. His website is “dedicated to making you a better runner” in the fewest words possible. It contains a wealth of information, based on Savage’s own experience and his interpretation of the scientific evidence. There is a useful running calculator that adjusts for temperature and body weight. Unfortunately the site does not appear to be regularly updated but does contain many short, succinct articles on all aspects of running technique, nutrition, injury etc.